Who is Love Thy Temple?

Love Thy Temple is essentially Hayley Lingard’s passion in action! Since mid-2016, when Hayley met Dean from Safe Soda, she has not been able to keep her mouth shut about what she has come to learn through this amazing gentlemen!

Having lost a sister to cancer, as well as having had her own journey with this horrible disease, Hayley is now committed to sharing what she has come to learn with ANYONE who will listen. It is her goal that everyone have access to this information so they too can make informed choices about their health and well being.

If you or anyone you love is affected by cancer or chronic illness and disease, please come along to one of our events or check out our testimonials here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via one of our links or social pages. You can also order one of our starter packs now in the shop which comes with instructions about how to get started right away!

Our Approach

Love Thy Temple provides supportive, non-judgmental counselling and health coaching services tailored to your individual needs. Whether life has thrown you a curve ball, feels like a constant roller-coaster or you wish to engage some support on your personal or professional development journey, we are here to help you.

Love Thy Temple offers a range of services from one-off sessions, on-going counselling to a 6 month health plan.


In addition to being a qualified Health Coach, Hayley also owned and operated a health and fitness business during university while also competing competitively in amateur muay thai and boxing bouts. Prior to this Hayley was also a swimmer and gymnast.

Hayley brings a variety of formal education, considerable professional experience and life skills to the role of Counsellor and Health Coach.


Hayley in her free time….

When not working, Hayley enjoys being active in the outdoors, including surfing, bush walking and rollerblading. She also enjoys a good book, documentary or movie from time to time too!

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