“Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development today

World Health Organization, WHO

November 11 to 17 is Antibiotic Awareness Week.

Antibiotics are medicines used to treat and prevent bacterial infections in humans and animals. Antibiotic resistance can occur once bacteria mutate in response to the usage of these medications. Once this happens, bacteria (not humans or animals) become antibiotic-resistant.

According to the World Health Organization, antibiotic resistance has increased to an alarming level in all parts of the world. New antibiotic resistant bacteria are emerging regularly and spreading around the globe which, in turn, is undermining the ability to treat common infectious diseases.

Not only are antibiotics being over prescribed to humans but they are being used as a preventative measure in the animal agriculture sectors on healthy animals with no signs of infection, rather than treating only sick animals. According to foodprint.org, about 80% of all antibiotics produced are fed to farmed animals. This poses several issues.

Not only is bacteria in animals becoming antibiotic resistant, but humans consuming animal products are also consuming larger amounts of antibiotics. Along with over prescription to humans, the problem is becoming exponential and requires urgent attention.

Our very own Hayley encountered this same problem some time back and had this to say —

“_As our email this fortnight highlights, antibiotic resistance continues to increase in our society and many scientists and those in the medical field are worried about the impact of this and the increased risk of so-called “super bugs”. Personally, this issue concerns me also. Just prior to meeting Dean from Superior Soda I was in this boat. I was regularly requiring antibiotics for a common infection and was needing stronger medications to address the issue.

My GP was starting to worry and hence I too was becoming concerned about this. Then I met Dean… Four years later I have not needed ANY more antibiotics and I’ve never felt healthier (that’s saying a lot given my sporting background – but it’s true)”.

If you’re worried about antibiotic resistance too or simply curious about learning more, please get in touch with us here

Take care,

Hayley x.

[See the full article from the World Health Organization here.]