How are some easy ideas for using Beetroot daily. They are quick ideas to bring this exciting ingredient into your meals!

Beetroot is one of the most versatile ingredients you may come across. Share your ideas with us too as you explore ways to use this in your meals!

Beetroot… easy enough to grow, but often a little harder to know what to do with!
Today’s focus will simply be in relation to how to use a lively addition, such as beetroot, across a range of meals in a variety of ways. It’s all well and good to buy these things, but we need to ensure they get into our body so we can gain the benefits.

So here we go
Consider grating beetroot over your salads, adding it to wraps or anything else a little bit like this.

Beetroot is great roasted, from here you can keep it beside your potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato to add variety into your roast vegetables, or you can slice it and add it to things like burgers, or even tarts!

Beetroot hummus is all the rage at present. There was a smear added to my plate for breakfast this morning, or you can just use it as a dip on your crackers.

The catering team at Vegood make these amazing caramelised beetroot and onion tarts that I will be having a go at replicating this Spring!

The team at Dinnerly have added roasted beetroot to their meatless burger recipe and this was a winner in our house (minus the egg for us of course, but suit yourself).

There you have it… a few simple, easy and tasty ways to add beetroot into your daily meals! Enjoy! x