Superior Soda Bath 900gm



Superior Soda Bath 900gm

Superior Soda brings you the benefits of a 100% natural, highest quality Bicarb to enhance your everyday life and wellbeing. By increasing and maintaining a correct body pH ensures a healthier and longer life.

Safe Soda Bath may aid in the treatment of skin and scalp conditions by alkalising the skin.

This image was taken 12 hours after the first bath in Safe Soda

TAKE NOTICE: This is not a medication. You must check with your health practitioner before taking. Check with your health practitioner if you are taking other medicine, have known kidney problems, heart problem, high blood pressure, are pregnant or are on a low sodium diet. Safe Soda takes no responsibility for any unsafe practice.


This image was taken of the skin prior to using Safe Soda.



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Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 17 cm


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