Tell a Trusted Adult


Tools to empower kids in challenging situations. An essential aspect of social and emotional learning is empowering children to stay safe. By teaching them to recognize their body signals or early warning signs, we can help them respond to challenging situations.


The set includes 13 pairs and 9 activity cards that feature gentle, original artwork and lack words. This resource is designed specifically to support children with low literacy levels, those who are visual learners and individuals from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. The resource is effective in building social and emotional literacy in children. Tell a Trusted Adult is a child safety resource. Each card set comes with a booklet with suggestions and prompts for supporting children in building language around emotions and identifying their body signals. This resource is an integral tool for working with children and can be used in classrooms, groups, or one-on-one conversations. Tell a Trusted Adult takes the trepidation out of difficult conversations and empowers children to stay safe.