The Bears Feelings Cards


A beloved resource helping people of all ages talk about feelings. We all have feelings, but these emotions can sometimes be hard to communicate. The Bears is a simple yet effective resource for helping people of all ages and walks of life convey their feelings. The colourful set consists of 48 cards showing beautifully illustrated bears in various emotional states.


For over two decades, The Bears has supported conversations and given voice to those who need help expressing feelings, even ones from the darkest of places. By choosing a bear that echoes the participant’s mental state, users can easily articulate sadness, frustration, joy or fear. The Bears is ideal for use in any environment and goes beyond language, literacy, cultural, racial, age and gender boundaries. This is why the best-selling resource has seen success in pre-schools, aged care, prison environments, schools, universities, corporations and hospitals. The Bears enduring appeal comes from its simplicity and versatility, helping users speak directly to their feelings and emotions.