Improving the health and well-being of our nation is our passion because we know the difference we can make and are blessed to see the results on a daily basis. Those who know is understand how grateful we are for every opportunity to share this information, not to mention all the support we get along the way!

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The two slides at the side give you an indication of the health issues we deal with most often and the possible side effects that you may experience as you go through the natural detox process.

Our free information sheet will talk you through how to test your pH AND Alkalinity in line with our new testing strips –

Safe Soda Information Sheet – How to Test Yourself

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Safe Soda also does amazing work on the outside of the body. The following images related to a young client who had experienced life-long skin issues, was on a range of drugs, wore a full body wrap and was advised she would be dealing with this for the rest of her life!

These photos are before and after, the after being just 12 hours following her first Safe Soda Bath.

Safe Soda is also great for illness prevention. If you have experienced or have a family history of the issues listed above, it would be worth considering Safe Soda in order to support good health before you reach a possible diagnosis.

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