Wasn’t It Supposed to Get Easier? The Challenges of Working in the Health Space.

No success comes without challenges and no joy without some sorrow along the way too.

Strangely enough when I left frontline Child Protection I thought a confronting work life and exposure to trauma would decrease, but despite all the of the great clients and amazing outcomes I get to see, this remains balanced with a healthy dose of heartache.

Some days it feels as though the world is waking up with more and more people seeking new information and opening their eyes, though other days it feels quite the opposite. While people ultimately have the choice to seek new information or stick with the status quo, it remains challenging for me to sit by and watch as people choose ill health, disease or even death over the opportunity to see things a little differently and make real change in their lives!

I know most of you are aware of the information that we share in our free events and a large number of you have also admitted to feeling the same way when you struggle to convince friends, family and loved ones, but let’s keep up momentum! Let’s keep sharing, supporting and caring for the health of our community!

Make sure you invite your friends to our upcoming free health events, invite them to like this page and stay tuned for more health updates too!

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What’s with my pH going up and down I hear many of you ask…

It is common to experience your pH reading go up and down during your initial detox period. Here’s why…

Our body really is smart… It does some incredible things to keep us as well as possible and the same applies as you go through our natural Safe Soda detox process. So what really is happening?

Let’s start with a healthy body –

Some of you would be aware that our healthy cells take in oxygen and nutrients, convert this into energy while also releasing acids, toxins and wastes which, in a healthy body, get neutralised by our extracellular fluids.

But what if it doesn’t look like this?

When our bodies, and therefore our our extracellular fluids, become too acidic our body knows that it will compromise our health by releasing these acids, toxins and wastes. In order to protect us our cells lock up – nothing in and nothing out! Looking something like this.

As we take Safe Soda BODY and alkalise our body, our extracellular fluid increases in pH and alkalinity and in turn our cells learn that they can start to unlock. Our bodies are smart enough to know they cannot release ALL of these acids, toxins and wastes they have been holding onto all at once, hence the DANCE.

You may have or will likely notice that your pH and/or alkalinity reading will go up and then it may drop back down. While this might seem like a backwards step, this is actually a great sign a it indicates that the body is starting to respond. As your cells unlock and release the acidic contents your body then responds with the help of Safe Soda to neutralise the acid.

Once the cells are unlocked the pH will stabilse and daily level teaspoon of Safe Soda should suffice, though I don’t hesitate to have additional doses to ward off colds and flus, assist with stress symptoms and to assist with  the rare headache. I’m sure you have your uses too!

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But Why Does It Have to Take So Long? (The Natural Detox Process That Is)….

Some things are simply worth the wait!
Unfortunately one of the consequences of modern medicine (as well as many other things in our society of instant gratification) is the expectation that change should be instant. We simply take a pill (or buy this or do that) and things will be fixed. While this can be the case in some circumstances, it rarely comes without consequences, for example antibiotics. Yes, antibiotics are highly successful at fighting off infection, but there are also other consequences in our body including the impact on our gut health, not to mention the increasing concern of antibiotic resistance in our community. Now I’m not trying to say that anything is good or bad necessarily, just that we need to look at things holistically, understanding both the pros and cons.

By the time clients come and see us in relation to their health, they are often looking at the pointy end and let’s face it, that’s where we like to work. But the fact remains, it has taken years, if not decades or even generations for them to get to where they are now. This history looks different for everyone as too does their journey towards health, but the fact remains, our natural detox process works – you just need to give it time!

We want to work WITH the body to unlock the acids, toxins and wastes is has been holding onto, flushing these naturally and then allowing the body to heal over time. Depending on where you are starting, as well as the health and lifestyle choices you make along the way, will determine how long this takes natural detox process takes.

Our first recommendation to clients is to cut down on refined sugar. This is not just when it says “sugar” on the packet, but also the 65 hidden different sugars they are putting in our foods today!

For those with a cancer diagnosis the next priority is to limit carbohydrates, especially breads and pastas, as these too become a chain of sugars within the body.

But let’s get back to the detox.

So what can happen? It can take 3 to 12 months to detox your body, so I encourage you to be patient. Our protocol works naturally with your body and as the body is doing all the work, it will do it in it’s time. In the meantime, it’s important to feed your body the right things, drink plenty of water and manage your stress as well as any environmental toxins you may be exposed to. If in doubt, you’re always welcome to book an appointment to explore any of these further!

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