Wasn’t It Supposed to Get Easier?

No success comes without challenges and no joy without some sorrow along the way too.

Strangely enough when I left frontline Child Protection I thought a confronting work life and exposure to trauma would decrease, but despite all the of the great clients and amazing outcomes I get to see, this remains balanced with a healthy dose of heartache.

Some days it feels as though the world is waking up with more and more people seeking new information and opening their eyes, though other days it feels quite the opposite. While people ultimately have the choice to seek new information or stick with the status quo, it remains challenging for me to sit by and watch as people choose ill health, disease or even death over the opportunity to see things a little differently and make real change in their lives!

I know most of you are aware of the information that we share in our free events and a large number of you have also admitted to feeling the same way when you struggle to convince friends, family and loved ones, but let’s keep up momentum! Let’s keep sharing, supporting and caring for the health of our community!

Make sure you invite your friends to our upcoming free health events, invite them to like this page and stay tuned for more health updates too!

Image credit: IIN

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